The Training Centre “Virgilio Alterocca” vanquished its competitors in Aprilia.
The work “Next to you” of the training centre for Arts and Crafts Virgilio Alterocca won first prize in the tenth international competition “The Treasures of the Mosaic”, held in Aprilia. The project consisted of a bench completely covered in mosaic built with the direct technique, using polychrome marble, by the school’s students, and under the direction of their teacher, Tiziana Mondini. The Centre is directed by Mauro Capocci and Luigi Ruggiero and the artwork was donated to the city of Aprilia, and placed in the library to mark the 80th anniversary of town’s foundation.
“Last thoughts” instead is the title of a wall mosaic made with the direct technique, using marble and enamel, by Michela Baldi, who was awarded first prize in the individual category. Great satisfaction and pride was expressed by the school directors, who see growing operations at their laboratories in Narni; the educational paths not only of mosaic art but also of painted decoration are included within the project “Free Academy for Arts of the City of Narni”.

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